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The Adventures of Crigas

#1 New Release

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Cram everything you need to survive into a thirty-pound bag and walk 2,650 miles (4,264.76 km) across the length of the United States in four and a half months.

Sounds crazy, right?

In a world that instills a constant drive for better things, it’s easy to forget the most priceless of them all, memories. Proof of your existence in the short window of time we are allowed to experience the beauty of this planet.


Our ancestors cherished stories, and their intricate details left imprints on our understanding of the world today and for generations to come.


Take the next step toward your own adventure by living through mine.

Sierra C.

I read this book cover to cover in one sitting, I laughed, I cried, I set the book down feeling like I knew the host of hikers Chris met along the way. I'm sure that Chris has adventures planned in the future, hope a book comes out of those... Crigas can you spare any water?


I experienced so many emotions reading this book. When you embark on a journey such as that you just never know what lies ahead. The book is well written around the author's personal experience on the PCT, and use of pictures and graphics. I felt personally connected to the story by the end, and grateful he shared it with others.

Lisa R.

About Christopher "Crigas" Rigas

Christopher Rigas (Crigas) is an author and endurance athlete specializing in long distance backpacking endeavors. His passion for Thru-Hiking extends far beyond himself, attempting to make a positive influence in the hiking community by connecting with others and sharing his experiences.  
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